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Information about Ireland
This site has some tips about driving in Ireland
Jumping church near Ardee Co. Louth
This site tells of a mysterious happening that occurred nearly 300 years ago.I have many times stood gazing at the church wall and could never even guess at understanding this strange happening.

Symbols of Ireland
Stone crosses of Ireland

Ireland: General Information
Ireland has a mild climate with lots of misty rain which gives it its beautiful numerous shades of green.There are no dangerous animals, birds, insects or any other creatures.

Area:32,000 sq miles. Ireland is made up of 4 provinces ,Ulster(9 counties),Connaught(6 counties,Leinster(12 counties) and Munster( 5 counties). Ireland is surrounded by the Irish sea and the Atlantic ocean.
Approx. distances between Major Cities:
Dublin /Belfast= 100miles, Dublin/Derry=150 miles, Dublin /Cork 200 miles, Dublin /Galway 150 miles, Dublin /Shannon 180 miles
Longest River: Shannon. approx 240 Miles
Highest Mountain: Carantouhill, Co. Kerry : approx 3500 Ft.
Population : 4 million(26 counties) 1.7 million(6 counties)

Major Cities : Dublin, (capitol) 1 million., Belfast 500,000,.Cork 200,000, Derry 90,000,Limerick 85,000,Galway 67,000. It is possible to travel throughout all major cities by bus. It is the best way to see Dublin. It is also possible to travel between all villages,towns and cities by bus, but there may be lost time while waiting for connecting buses.Trains connect all major cities.
Currency : Euro equal to approx. $1.36  (26 counties) Sterling equal to $1.85 ( 6 counties) 2005
Languages: English,  Gaelic
Agriculture :Arable land 19%. Crops: Turnips, barley, potatoes, sugar beets, wheat; Meat and dairy products are also significant.  
Industries: food products, brewing, textiles, clothing; chemicals, pharmaceuticals, machinery, transportation equipment, glass and crystal,Tourism,computers & software. 
Natural resources: zinc, lead, natural gas, barite, copper, gypsum, limestone, dolomite, peat, silver,gold.
 Major sports:Gaelic football,Hurling,Soccer,Rugby.
Major Pastimes/Hobbies: Golf (400 golf courses),Fishing,Walking, Cycling,