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Basement wall paint sealer – Even if you do not have an obvious leak in your basement, a cement floor or concrete block wall can feel damp from the slow seepage of water. If you are planning to paint or put a carpet in your basement, apply a sealer to the walls or floor first to control moisture. Masonry sealers come pre-mixed or in the form of powder that must be mixed prior to use. They cannot meet large cracks, so repair any obvious gaps with hydraulic cement and let it dry before applying the sealant.

Basement wall paint sealer, mix 1/2 cup of household detergent per gallon of water in a bucket and wipe the surface with a wire brush to remove any loose particles of mortar, dust or grease. Thoroughly rinse the surface with running water, using a sponge or mop. Mix masonry powder sealer into a bucket with water according to the label directions, stirring well with a paint stick for stirring until thoroughly mixed. Premixed masonry sealer does not need added water, but moved so it is well mixed. If the directions specify to apply the sealant while the surface is wet, proceed immediately after rinsing the surface or wetting it again if necessary.

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Extend the thick masonry basement wall paint sealer to the surface with a stiff brush, working well on the rough concrete surface and mortar joints. If you are covering a larger area that is reasonably smooth, use a long wick paint roller to speed up the application. Let the first coat dry. Apply a second coat of sealant in the same way. Storm sewer sanitation systems and can cause water leaks in a basement. In some cities, both storm and sanitary sewer are combined into one system, while in others, they are independent. In the case of a combined system, a heavy rain can cause the sewer back up and force the contaminated water and debris to seep through the foundation. The best solution to this problem is for the municipal authority to maintain its sewerage systems.

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