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Basement Bar Design Dimensions

Best Basement Bar Designs – People who do a lot of entertaining at home, but have limited space may find that creating a bar in your basement is a reasonable solution. Utilize your downstairs empty space will give you more comfortable party room, and depending on the extent of your remodeling, it could increase the equity to your home. No matter what your budget or entertainment needs, a few basement bar ideas have you on your way to more comfortable party hosting. If you already have a finished basement, a simple way to make it a lounge area is to add a straight bar to the room. You can build a custom straight bar to specifically suit your taste or boy one from a home decor or improvement store. Choose an area against a wall for your straight bar, add shelves behind it to prove alcohol and glass ware and get bar stools across the Fringe. To enhance entertainment quality and ambience arrange comfortable furniture, a television and stereo system around the rest of the room.

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An L shaped bar is a practical choice for homeowners who prefer a few more bar stools, but have limited space. L-shaped bars can be placed or built into a corner area. This type of best basement bar designs and location allows for seating on two sides with extra stool, without taking up much more space than a straight bar. L-shaped bars are also an effective way to create a split-off feeling in an area.

Best basement bar designs. Wet bars are ideal for hosts who entertain often and in larger scale. A wet differs from an ordinary bar only because it contains a sink with running water. During a wet bar makes it easier to wash the glass, prepare drinks, ice empty bins or prepare powdered drink mixes. If you have a basement with a utility sink or kitchen area, building a wet bar that can contribute to more affordable remodeling or even a do-it-yourself project.

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