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Basement Floor Paint – Maybe your porch is an eyesore, your time scuffed-up or your concrete basement floor a bar. Rather than invest in a new floor or expensive paint, you can spruce up the floor with paint. Floor Paint is designed to successfully cover a variety of materials, from wood to concrete, primed metal in between. Depending on your personal needs and tastes, you can choose a shiny oil paint, satin-finish latex paint or the heavy, industrial strength epoxy flooring.

Epoxy is probably the hardest, toughest basement floor paint you can buy if you need something that really that rough and tough. This is the ideal floor paint for garages and other areas that get a lot of wear, tear, oil dripping and warm tires rolling over it. Epoxy usually not necessary to use of a primer, as it is incredibly sticky enough to adhere to concrete without extra help. Although some epoxy paints can be tinted to a variety of colors, this is not your fancy paint that works well for decorative outdoor or indoor floors. Because of its strength and durability, it is also be at least double the price of your oil or latex floor paints.

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Oil paint will leave the floor with a durable and glossy shine. Due to its enamel coating, paint remains shiny and is ideal for combating scratches and other wear and tear. Much oil paint contains some polyurethane to add to their durability. Preparation comprises grinding down a peeling paint and rough edges on the floor, and applying an enamel primer prior to painting. Oil basement floor paint work well both indoors and outdoors on the many surfaces of wood, concrete that has been properly prepared with hydrochloric acid and primed metal. It is not the ideal choice for outdoor wood deck or garage floors. Although it is hard, parking a car on top of oil paint will be too much for it.

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