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Basement Remodel Framing Walls

Remodel basement walls – If you have a plaster basement wall, drywall or other material that is full of cracks, depressions or other problems, you can cover the imperfections and give it the character of wall by adding texture. Paint texture is similar to a common paint, but is thicker and contains sand or other solids that produce a rocky, rough appearance that hides imperfections. Textured paint goes well with the cozy, subtle atmosphere of a room basement or study. Remove all furniture from the basement area in which you are going to work. Tarps spread out on the ground.

Remodel basement walls, scrape the wall well with a spatula to remove peeling and loose paint. Use a ladder to reach high areas if necessary. Apply a coat of paint primer over the entire wall with a standard paint roller. Allow the primer to dry for 24 hours. Place paint texture on the wall with a textured paint roller. Begin at an upper corner of the wall, and spread paint over the largest possible area of ​​a position while using top-down configurations. Roll in the textured paint as thick as it will stay on the wall.

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Go to the next remodel basement walls section and continue painting using the same procedure. Step back from the wall and evaluate the appearance of the painting. Ensure its texture is consistent between the two sections you painted. Apply the textured paint to the remaining pieces of wall section by section, your way of working through the wall and down. Evaluate the paint every time you finish a section to get the texture is consistent along the surface. Let the paint dry for 24 hours before moving the furniture back to the area.

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