Basement Apartment Floor Plans Ideas

1 Bedroom Basement Apartment Floor Plans

Basement apartment floor plans – Turning a basement into an apartment can add livable space for a house and perhaps earn extra income. Converting a basement, but requires careful planning by the owner of the building to ensure that the new apartment not only provides desirable amenities, but meets all local zoning and building safety. Your home must be in a zone that allows basement apartments for public rental. Drop the project if it is not legal to make your basement into an apartment. Find out from your local building department if you need an architect to draw plans to obtain a building permit. Hiring a contractor if you do not have the experience to do this kind of remodeling. A contractor has the experience necessary to coordinate the various branched-. Carpenters, plumbers, electricians and heating specialists

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Basement apartment floor plans ideas. Most local rules will require a building permit for this scope of work. Consider what changes are needed to make your basement into an apartment. An apartment needs a living room, bathroom, kitchen, and at least one separate entrance from the outside. A typical tenant will enjoy a private bedroom. If appropriate, you can provide laundry. If your basement has no plumbing for kitchen and bathroom, you need a plumber to install a toilet, sink, tub and perhaps a dishwasher. Give a parking space or two. Make sure the ceiling is high enough.

Check for leaks and moisture that may lead to disease-causing mold and mildew. You probably will need to update the wiring for additional tanks, lighting, switches and appliances. Many basements shortage finished ceilings, but chances are the building codes will require a plaster or gypsum board ceiling as fire separation between the new apartment and first basement apartment floor plans.  Heating can be decisive at least part of the year.

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