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Basement Bathroom Remodel – Has a bathroom in the basement is very convenient, because running up and down stairs to use the bathroom becomes annoying. If your bathroom is outdated or needs remodeling, consider how you use your basement bathroom when remodeling it. If you only use it occasionally, avoid adding unnecessary storage. Use natural materials such as porcelain or ceramic tiles to add value to your home. Also, basement bathrooms tend to be smaller than the other, use the tried and true methods to make it larger.

Basement bathroom remodel design ideas. Remove the current flooring and update it with new ceramic or porcelain tiles. Since basements are prone to moisture, ceramic tiles provide a moisture barrier while adding value to your home. Choose a color that has a cream or light base. Paint the walls a light color. Basement bathrooms tend to have a small area, so user wall coverings that lights up the room makes it seems larger. Avoid using wallpaper and border in the basement bathroom because moisture causes it to release from the walls in some cases. Insert a stand-up shower and remove the bathtub if possible. A basement bathroom is usually not the main bathroom in the house, so there is no need to take extra space with a large bathtub.

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Basement bathroom remodel. Use a pedestal sink to save space. Pedestal sinks add flair to the basement bathrooms and come in many different styles. Since they have not vanity on the bottom, pedestal sinks absorb less of the floor space. Hang large mirrors to add depth to a basement bathroom. Again, as a basement bathroom generally have a small square footage area, adding mirrors on the walls and over the sink gives the feeling of a deeper space. Provide storage by adding a bookcase that fits over the toilet. Use the corners of the room for storage as well. Wall mount shelves and place a stacking rack below the plinth sink.

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