Basement Bedroom Ideas With Garden Tubs

Basement Bedroom And Bathroom Ideas

Basement Bedroom Ideas – Expand on the theme of the garden tub my turn the bedroom into a garden oasis. Let the sunshine in. If your budget allows, add or enlarge the widows, so the room can receive plenty of light. Or make improvements to the existing lighting by incorporating recessed or contemporary track lighting. Paint the walls in white or bright shades such as lemon yellow or sky blue. So bring in lots of houseplants to play up the garden theme. Add hanging plants garden tub to turn the bathroom into a private forest.

Who says basement bedroom ideas must have a bed? Bring in a sofa bed or a futon and the rotation space for a combination guest room and hollow. That way, when it comes for a visit, you can convert the sofa to a sleeper. Decorate the bathroom with fluffy towels, soap and decorative elements, so when guests stay in, they will feel that you put them up at a fine hotel. Upon leaving, you have a sofa to relax on. Add sight and sound with a TV and music system and voila – your cave also be an entertainment center and get more mileage out of your basement makeover.

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Turn basement bedroom ideas in a bedroom for a teenager. They will turn over the idea and feel that they have their own apartment. Get your teen involved in the design. Add soundproofing with acoustic tile on the ceiling to buffer the sound of music and video games. Wire space to accommodate their needs for computer equipment and other electronics. Create a wall-length study center for doing homework. Another blessing to give the basement bedroom ideas of a teenager is that he will have his own bathroom and its own private bath, where he split and splash to their heart’s content. No more tracking water all over your upstairs carpets or hardwood floors.

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