Basement Closet Doors On The Rollers

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Basement Closet Doors – Installing the basement closet doors on the reels is a space saving idea. It also makes clothes more accessible in a front-access or reach-in closet. These rolling closet doors are not hard to install if you are used to handling a screwdriver and know what a plumb bob is. Tracks and rolls come with the door, which is pre-packaged and should be custom cut to order if you do not have a standard-sized door. This project takes about an hour to complete for those with some experience of home. Mark thickness basement closet doors frame with a pencil on each side and in the city center. Take accurate measurements with a tape measure to find the center. Measure it over the door page width and divide it by two. Draw a line down the center with a plaster ruler to indicate the location of the door track.

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Install the basement closet doors slots on the top side post, with marks as layout support. Use a drill to screw mounting screws through the mount hole in the groove, secure it to the upper side purchase. Hold a plumb bump tight in the middle of the lane and let the pointed metal weight part interrupt just above the floor. Make a selection to indicate its position on the floor. Do this the same at each end of the door track and in the center.

Mount the guide rolling door on the floor with the marks made with plumbed bump. Screw guides in the floor board with the screws with the door. With the help of a plumb bump, guides guide up straight under the track so the door is straight. Place the rollers on the doors by tapping the rollers in the pre-drilled holes on the top and bottom of the basement closet doors. Lift the doors and place the top rollers in the groove. Drive on doors, move the lower part of the door over the track and fix the bottom rollers in the track.

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