Basement Concrete Floor Paint Ideas

Amazing Basement Floor Coating

Basement concrete floor paint – A painted concrete floor creates a finished look to your basement. Even if you only use the basement for a game or a hobby room, you will be surprised how much more coherent your basement decor is when the floor is painted. Painting a concrete floor is relatively simple, but there are some factors to consider when painting concrete in a basement environment

How to basement concrete floor paint. Check the floor for signs of moisture. Your concrete basement floor must be completely dry to paint it successfully. If you have damp spots or puddles, you must bring a professional to take care of any leaks before proceeding. A dehumidifier may also be needed. Make sure the floor is as smooth and even as possible. If there are stains that have been repaired or are rough, sand them down using sandpaper. Sweeping any residue. Clean the concrete floor. If it is very dirty, scrub the floor with a scrub brush and detergent. If there is any oil stains on the floor, to spread cat litter on them soak up oil and then scrub the floor. Make sure the floor is clean and dry before applying the primer.

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Nice basement concrete floor paint ideas. Apply two coats of primer using a paint roller. Apply in thin, even coats and wait until the first layer is completely dry before applying the second. Depending on the moisture. Employing a dehumidifier can help speed up the drying process, especially if your basement is damp. Apply a coat of stain blocker with a paint roller to help support primer latex paint more efficiently. In some cases, you can simply add stain blocker primer. Apply two thin, even layer of latex paint with a paint roller. Wait until the first layer of paint is completely dry before applying the second. Depending on the moisture, this will take one or more hours.

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