Basement Concrete Wall Paint Style

Basement Cement Wall Paint Colors

Basement Concrete Wall Paint – can arrange an area or make it blend with the rest of the decor of the place. However, there are some aspects to consider when painting a concrete wall. You should choose the right type of paint for the concrete, determine if the wall is sealed against moisture and apply a foundation before painting the wall. Follow these tips to paint a concrete wall. Choose the basement concrete wall paint for your project. Select a painting suitable for the outdoor project. You need a paint that is resistant to moisture and exposure to the sun. There is exterior concrete paint available for outdoor projects. However, an oil-based paint may also cover your needs.

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Choose basement concrete wall paint for your interior painting project. Clean the concrete wall. For exterior projects, use a high pressure washer to clean the wall of all dirt and dust. If the project is going to be done inside your house, scrub the walls applying a mixture of soap and water, instead of using the pressure washer. Repair any cracks or stains on the wall with concrete patches. Check for moisture on the wall. Seal the concrete wall. Apply a layer of concrete sealant and let it dry overnight. This sealer is available at most hardware stores or home appliance stores.

Apply a concrete base layer. Apply the first layer of basement concrete wall paint. At least three thin layers of paint should be applied. You can paint the wall by spraying it with a spray, using a roller or using a brush. The paint should not be uneven or with brush marks. Allow to dry for 24 hours. Apply paint sealer to concrete. Cover with 2 layers, leaving a drying time between layer and layer. The paint sealer helps the paint to adhere to the wall and its durability is greater.

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