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Basement egress window kit can add value to your home as well as greater brightness and tranquility if house exiting is always required. Because installing basement egress windows normally involve extensive ground excavation and cutting of heavy concrete foundations, it is not really an informal DIY job. An experienced DIY and with the help of a colleague or two can reasonably expect to complete an installation like this in a day or two. Choose a location for the window that is easily accessible on the inside and outside and avoids any utility tubing, pipes, electrical boxes and other obstructions that can not move or cost relocate. Mark the size of the window and the necessary gap in the interior and exterior walls with masking tape to use as a cutting guide.

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Dig the ground around the basement egress window kit location with shovels or with a mechanical excavator for larger jobs. Allows for a sloping space of at least 10 inches on each side of the window, 6 inches below the window and at least 5 feet of sloped access in front of the window. Internal cut opening along the line of adhesive tape with the circular saw. Towards the outside and finish cut the foundation wall along the masking tape guide. Be careful when making the final exterior cuts the remaining concrete will be heavy and unmanageable.

Basement egress window kit, construct a rough wooden frame from the new window according to the window measurement and manufacturer specifications. Screw the rough structure into the base with masonry screws. Check level and plumb. Install the window in the rough frame nailed along the window flange and in the rough wood frame. Check the operation of the level and smooth window. Aerosol foam insulation in all cracks and fiberglass insulation in the largest gaps between the gross frame and foundation, as well as between the gross frame and the exit window. Patch and finish interior and exterior finish to match the materials on the balance of each lift.

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