Basement Entrance Stairs With Concrete

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Basement Entrance Stairs – To be suitable for making stairs, cement, which is a clean masonry powder, must be transformed into concrete. Concrete does one of the parts constitute the concrete, along with some extra unit. This means that the concrete is much stronger than cement and cure or dry for a smoother surface that is more suitable for basement entrance stairs that will get a lot of use. Do not place heavy objects on the edges of concrete stairs and avoiding contact them with bleach, can damage the surface to prolong their lives.

Make a pouring form for your stairs. Use a table saw to cut two large stair-stepped side pieces of plastic-coated wood, carving a stair step of each staircase that will be in your case. Assemble the frame by unscrewing the bolsters to back on both side panels, using drywall screws and a drill with a screw bit. Choose a flat area on land lines, home, or other structure that you want to enter, upon which to pour your basement entrance stairs. Dig spaces along the vertical edges of the cleared area to permit expansion and contraction. Use a drill to make three holes in the vertical surface, spread evenly just below the top edge, or cross board of the frame.

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Combine one part of your regular cement, 2 parts construction quality sand and 3 parts gravel aggregate in a small concrete mixer. Make piles of scrap masonry in the vacant spaces in the form. Keeps the masonry four inches from each side of the frame, including the top? Pour the prepared concrete into the mold from the lowest floor to the highest. Draw a wood screed along the horizontal surface of each basement entrance stairs. Wait three hours. The screed the flat surfaces of the stairs again. Smooth the concrete with the flat surface of the putty until you are satisfied with the appearance. Remove the cross boards from the frame when you are sure that the concrete will stick.

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