Basement Escape Window Installation

Basement Escape Window Wells

Basement Escape Window – Basement exhaust windows are called exit windows. These windows, which are large enough for an adult to crawl with ease, come in three basic styles: glass sliding windows, compact bi panel and in-swing windows. These windows are installed below ground level and a tunnel or corridor dug into the window. Installing an exit window will provide an excellent fire escape route.

Basement escape window installation. Contact local government in your area and ask if you need building permits to install windows. Larger cities will require a permit, but not many smaller cities. Examine the basement and ground around the basement to find a window location. Choose a place that has no obstacles like trees, paths or patios. The area must have good drainage. You will also need to plan the escape route. Choose the type of window. Windows compact output seem like common bi-panel windows that have hinges on the side so they open the entire window. Exit glass sliding windows like sliding glass doors and work similarly.  Dig the escape route from the window. The hole should be large enough to expose the frame and window. Prepare the hole for the escape route. Frame the exit route and pour in concrete or install the window well.

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Then to install basement escape window. Draw the outline of the window on the interior basement wall. Support of the floor joist with Foundation sockets not to weaken the floor during the installation process. Drill a boot or pilot hole with a drill hammer in the center of the bottom line of the silhouette. Cut the opening with a concrete saw. Remove the rough edges with a hammer and chisel. Insert the window frame into the opening. Use the level to make sure the frame is straight. Attach the seals that come with the frame and screw the frame into place with concrete screws. Fit the window into the frame and screw in place.

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