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Basement Lighting – Your basement can become a useful space or a retreat from the rest of your home. Because basements usually do not get much natural light, design your lighting in a way that is easy on the eyes even fill the space is a big part of making your basement a nice place to be in an appropriate manner. Think about what your basement rooms will be used most often before settling on a lighting design plan.

Basement lighting design ideas. If your basement will be used as a den, library, office or other subdued space, you may want to forgo general overhead lighting brand, or install a simple globe or two to give you general lighting for cleaning. Keep the focus on your lighting design to accent and task lighting. This will give the room a soft, ambient light is sufficient to move around. Place the decorative lighting of bookshelves, or other functional areas so that the light is aimed exactly where you need it. Use elegant, modern fixtures with frosted glass panels that help diffuse the light. Place the desk and floor lamps around the room close reading and workplaces to provide bright light where needed. Instead of overhead globes, you may want to place touchier style floor lamps in each corner.

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Make your basement lighting flexible and functional for multiple spaces. Maximize natural light on a part of your basement is above ground. Even if you have just a few meters of free space, consider knocking out two rows of cinder blocks and replace them with glass bricks. If installed properly, these bricks do not present the problems, water leaks that windows may have, plus they are an entry point for burglars as Windows can be. They also protect the privacy conceded very bright. Add recessed or flush mount light fixtures covering the general area, and then add track lighting to highlight certain areas or architectural details.

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