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Basement Lighting Ideas Low Ceiling – Low ceilings can make a room seem small and large fixtures that hang down into the living space can be disruptive or dangerous. To understand how light works in the room will help you choose the best types of lighting for your low ceiling, whether it is in a basement, attic or other place in the home.

Flush mount fixtures. Ceiling fixtures are ideal for most low ceiling rooms. These fixtures attached directly to the ceiling surface rather than hanging below. Also, basement lighting ideas low ceiling can seem like an intuitive answer because it sits above the roof, you need more recessed lighting devices in a low ceiling room than in a room with a standard roof. This is because the light is spread out in an inverted-cone shape of the recessed fixture, and the shorter distance between the ceiling and the floor of cutting the bottom of the cone, the widest spread. Ceiling fixtures allow the light to spread out on all sides and bottom, as long as the fixture’s cover leaves the sides open or transparent.

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Low ceilings can be very useful if you use them to reflect light in the room. The basement lighting ideas low ceiling does not need to travel as far as it bounces around the room, so it loses less intensity than it would be in a room with a standard roof. Paint your ceiling and walls a light color to maximize bounced light and then using floor lamps using bright halogen bulbs moves aimed at the ceiling. Sconces aimed upward from high up on the walls are also helpful in low ceiling areas, but is generally not sufficient as the primary light source. Add a desk and table lamps with adjustable heads, pointed to the walls, so the light bounces upward to fill in the dark areas of the room.

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