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Basement Remodel Cost – Remodeling your basement does not have to break your bank account. Select inexpensive items to incorporate when remodeling your basement. Take advantage of second hand stores, garage sales and shipping stores when buying low cost items for your basement. These stores have a variety of used items in good condition to match your basement color and no one will know that they are not brand new. This allows you to decorate and remodel your basement without having to spend a small fortune.  Select a light color, as basements tend to be dark and sad. If you want to add a bold, bright color in your basement, apply the color of an accent wall.

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Paint immediately remodels basement walls at basement remodel cost. Replace with your window treatments, white curtains. Usually, basement windows collect moisture replacing your current window treatment with low-cost transparent curtains allows windows to breathe and changes the look of basement windows. Hang inexpensive shelving on the basement walls to show off your decorations. Arrange the items on the shelves, creating a focal point in the basement. Buy inexpensive framed artwork from thrift stores, garage sales and thrift stores to hang on the basement walls. If you have painted an accent wall, select framed artwork that contains the wall colors. This ties the colors in the basement together and creates a balanced look and feel. Place low cost furniture in the basement.

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Buy furniture for your basement in thrift stores, garage sales and shipping stores. Include a seating area when buying furniture for example, a sofa or basement remodel cost chairs. Put cheap Toss pillows in your basement furniture. This decorates and reshapes the look of the furniture and feel without it costing you much money. Select cushions to complement accent colors in your basement. Uninstall the current basement lighting fixture and install a new one according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Replacing your lamp immediately updates the appearance of the basement and allows you to change the look, style and color of the current lamp.

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