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Basement Stairs Carpet

Basement Stairs – Basement and stairs leading down to the basement is often seen as bleak, dusty places. Your basement stairs can be hotel-worthy in your home and can lead to an oasis of relaxation and well-used space if you plan your stair renovation project properly. Consider not only the stairs, but all aspects of the stairwell when coordinating renovations. Give your staircases a new look by giving them a new coat of paint, stain or by laying new tiles. If you’re existing wood is high quality, including wood which are handed home, simply renovating the wood. But if your basement stairs are cheaper tiles badly damaged, adding new plates. Paint concrete stairs a new funky color, or add a well installed carpet runner for another style and warmth.

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Railing and hardware for your basement stairs is often another area that could use improvement. Order a new railway, in your choice of metal or wood, custom-made. If you are short on funds, you can simply refresh the stain on an existing railway. Updating the hardware at the same time fix the rail. Give the walls next to the basement stairs to a bold new look with a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper. If your basement has limited lighting, keep the colors in the light to medium range. If your basement stairs are well lit, please incorporate darker tones and colors. A funky and retro pattern, such as damask wallpaper in black and white, also works well for the stairwell wall.

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Freshen up your basement stairs with a splash of decor, including artwork, photography or mounted drives. Move some selected pieces of artwork from your home to the wall of your basement stairs, or frame some favorite family photo to place on the wall. Another decorating idea is to place the shadow boxes of precious family items, such as sporting medals or baby boots, at the mall that leads into your basement. As guests and family members go down the stairs to your red room or guest room, they can get a glimpse of definite conversation starters.

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