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Basement Storm Windows – are designed to help you conserve energy and lower the cost of your monthly heating bill, especially during the winter months. During the first few weeks of cold weather you can see condensation on your windows storm as condensation inside your home evaporates and wipes up after activation of your heating system. Constant condensation on the window storm can lead to wood damage and mold. The general humidity is one of the main causes of water condensation. When you activate the heat in your basement, it warms warm air moisture. When the hot air presses the cold air on the outside of the glass, condensation forms inside the windows, causing them to steam. With the time you continue to use the heat in your home and moisture in the air dries up, you are less likely to see condensation and steam on the windows if the windows are incorrectly sealed.

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There are a number of common household activities that increase the moisture in the air in your basement, creating more opportunities for windows to steam over. Boiling water, shower and cooking all add moisture to the air in your basement, increase humidity and promote condensation on the windows. Do laundry, bleed the dryer incorrectly and hanging clothes drying indoors also increase moisture, create more opportunities for basement storm windows to steam. Make sure your house is properly ventilated and that your dryer outlet is outdoors can reduce the amount of condensation that vents storm windows.

When you have a damp basement, the amount of moisture throughout the year is higher. Even after closing windows and turning on the heat, moisture in the air from the basement can create condensation in the basement storm windows. Hiring the use of a dehumidifier in a damp basement or creeper base draws moisture from the air and allows you to throw it before it can become condensed in the windows.

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