Basement Track Lighting Vs. Recessed

Track Lighting In A Basement

Basement track lighting – There are a lot of differences and some basic similarities between recessed lighting and track lighting devices. Both do what they are meant to do: give light. Each can be used to provide ambient, general, task or accent lighting. But recessed lighting systems are cleaner in terms of the design as a function of function; Track lighting systems take freedoms in this regard.

Basement track lighting. Track luminaries attach to the ceiling and have several light devices. Track luminaries use small transformers to drive the lights. The transformers can be connected to the actual track, or remote placed so the transformer is not visible. The lamp units are suspended from a cord connected to the track. The lamps are typically placed at least one foot apart, and often more than that. The track can be attached to the ceiling or suspended so the track looks as if it is floating and light devices slide along a monorail. Trace lights are available in a variety of styles, colors and decorations. The track itself can be decorative instead of just functional, and has an oval, circular, rectangular, square or weave shape.

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Recessed and track lighting works best for those who want modern lighting. Both spacious print dimmers so the level of light can be adjusted to create the right atmosphere. The main difference between basement track lighting and recessed lighting is structural. And with recessed lights, you will not see cables or switches, and there are no lampshades. Everything that appears is trim surrounds the lamp. Trace lighting purposefully to be visible and to act as a piece of decor, while recessed lighting is designed to be more obscure and subtle. This core difference results in more design choices for basement track lighting. And then you can also use a wider range of bulbs with track lights, including mini-lights, low voltage xenon and LED strips of light.

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