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Beauty Basement Wall Insulation Panels

Basement wall insulation panels – Getting a good insulation of walls in basements is not an easy job. Basements are a challenge due to high levels of humidity. To insulate a basement wall not only need to install insulation, you have to know how to install it and choose the materials to use. It consists of spraying the walls of the basement with closed cell foam. While this method is expensive it does provide the best vapor barrier and strict insulation system. The spray foam is probably the best material for insulation basements and humid areas. The spray foam offers several advantages such as added structural stability, high vapor barrier, easily covers pipes, wires and other utilities.

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If you want save some money and do it yourself, then it is recommended use in the privacy of their walls the foam boards. The detail of the basement wall insulation panels with foam board creates a vapor barrier along with a good insulation layer that will not promote mold growth. It’s also a bit cheaper than foam spray, so it’s an attractive alternative. There are a lot of foam board products on the market, so I suggest you read the foam insulation types and R values ​​for a quick education in the various products.

The key to using foam basement wall insulation panels is to choose the correct thickness and properly sealed to create an effective vapor barrier. If you are just going to use foam irons, then you will most likely need 2 to 4 inches of thickness depending on the power code requirements. A minimum layer of foam (1-1 / 2 inches) is used to create an effective vapor followed by some glass fiber to increase the value of R. This method is the least expensive but is only feasible in basements that have no visible signs of water infiltration. This method should not be used if you have a history of water, even in small amounts.

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