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Basement Window Blinds – You can add more detail to your basement exterior with plastic blinds. Plastic blinds are used as decorative elements and are non-functional, unlike their wood counterparts. Traditional blinds acted as a rustic shape of the screen and extra protection during storms. Adding gaps in your basement is a weekend do it yourself project that will add your basement curb appeal. How to install basement window plastic blinds. Put stairs in front of the windows where you will install the plastic blinds. Measure 2 inches out from the outer edge of the top and bottom of each side window casing on board. Mark the measurements with a pen. Place the blinds on the ranger bed of the basement with the inside. The edge of the blind on the pen marks so that there is a 2-inch space between the blind and the side covers in the window. Mark the mounting holes position in the blind on the outside of the basement.

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Smooth blinds with the pen mark on the outside. Place a level on the top edge of the blinds. Adjust the gaps for level. Guide the mounting screws through the holes in the gaps in the outer walls of the housing with a screw. Check the basement window blinds to ensure they are level when fastened. Loosen the screws and adjust as needed. Sometimes the blind moves on the driving screws so minor adjustments may be necessary.

For those with a limited budget, provide plywood blinds storm blinds without cost features. Exterior basement window blinds can also give style and improve curb appeal if you choose to paint them. Plywood blinds are quite easy to install, especially with the help of a friend. Attaching the window blinds on the window frame gives you the best coverage and cleanest appearance.

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