Basement Window Fan Ideas

Basement Bathroom Window Exhaust Fan

Basement Window Fan – can work in two ways. Fans can work either as an exhaust system to extract air from the room or to bring in fresh air in the room. There are different types of window fans to choose from, but they differ in how they are set up to pull out the air or into the room. If you have a warm basement and the weather outside is cool, you can use a window fan in a window set on the exhaust gas to pull out the warm air. In another window, you can have the basement window fan run on intake to bring in the cool air from the outside to cool the room down. Fans used to take in cold air should be installed on a shady side of the basement.

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Installing a basement window fan can cool the room effectively when the outdoor air is colder than the air inside your basement. A window fan uses less energy than an air conditioning unit, so it’s wise to push a fan on cooler days and nights. A window fan with a built-in thermostat turns off the fan when the room reaches a predetermined temperature setting and turns on when the temperature exceeds this setting. This saves energy by not driving the fan when not needed. You do not need tools to install a window fan.

Open the window completely. Set the basement window fan, with the left side of the fan located at the bottom of the window opening, for a sliding window. Close the window against the fan. The lower part of the window should be set against the fan’s flat top. Pull out the extension panels on either side of the fan window to fit the fan to the window cover. And then remove the fan and lock your window when leaving your basement.

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