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Basement Window Well Art

Basement Window Well Covers – Window wells to solve the problem of stale, dark, unaired basement and also allow egress in case of fire, but they can create drainage issues and can accumulate leaves, snow and even the unfortunate rodent. Open window wells pose a danger to small children, too. Light window well covers are available in home stores and are very economical, but they tend to blow away in the wind or break. A better alternative is to install a heavy metal mesh or fiber glass cover as well.

Measure the window well width along the side of the house and record this measurement. Measure from the center of the window well into the house and write down this measurement. Measure the height from the top of the window to the ground and write down the measurement. Determine the type of window well you have. Lay the selected basement window well covers the window well. If you have a bubble well cover, press the side mounting flanges tightly against the housing side. Mark the bracket screw hole locations on the wall and remove the window well cover.

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Measure six inches from the house along one of the window well’s sides and place a mark there. Repeat this step in the window well’s other side. Drill a 3/16-inch hole through the window well’s lip at both locations and the mounting flange screw hole marks on the wall if you install a bubble cover. Place a supplied bolt through both a provided mounting clip and spacer. Insert the bolt through one of the holes in the window well known. Tighten the nut on the bolt to hold the clip in place. Place the basement window well covers the window well. Press the bottom edge of the clips mounted on the window well lip. If you have a bubble cover, line up the side mounting flanges screw holes with the holes in the house.

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