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Basement Windows – There are many basement window types, and although they are often small in size, they do more than just rent light and add to basement aesthetics. Because the basement windows are often on the ground, they are more susceptible to the elements. Therefore, no matter what the window type you choose, make sure the windows seal tightly to keep water out, are well insulated to prevent cold air into the home and are robust to prevent burglary.

The awning window is a traditional type of basement windows that remains popular. This window is usually rectangular, hinging the upper and opening outwardly. Awning windows are available in many different materials to fit any style cellar. Wood is the most popular material, but aluminum, steel, vinyl and nylon are available as well. Vinyl is the easiest to maintain and cheaper than wood. Network notes that the awning windows provide an unobstructed view out and provide ventilation even in bad weather because the angle at which they open deflects rain. There are many varieties of awning windows available that you can tailor to your basement.

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A sliding window slides open horizontally, as opposed to the more common window that slides open vertically. A slider window is convenient and easy to operate. And then making it a good choice for window space that is difficult to reach. Like most basement windows, the slider window rectangular-shaped. And then you can buy this window in many different colors, styles and materials. It is made in single, double and triple hung styles to fit most any window length. The many different grille options allow you to match the window look to the basement’s style. However slider windows tend to be less energy efficient than other basement window types, unless you do seek out energy efficient slider windows.

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