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Basement bar pictures – If you want your basement felt more like a tropical paradise and less like a basement, you can transform the space into a tiki bar where you and your family and friends can relax. One of the best parts of the decor of a tiki bar is that – in keeping with the laid back character of island life – no rules of play apply to this decor. You can decorate however you choose, as it covers the tropical theme. Turn an old sideboard or shelf back. It should be recessed leaving only the frame and no higher than the height of the chest. The back of the dresser is the front of the tiki bar.

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Drill the small holes in the basement bar pictures. These will be used to tie on the bamboo. Start by drilling two holes on each side and four holes in the front. If you later need to keep your bamboo in place, you can add it. Wrap the bamboo around the sides and the front of the bar. Wire galvanized wire through holes and bamboo lash to hold. Trim any excess bamboo from the ends.

Fit flowers leis and grass skirts to the island basement bar pictures greater flavor and texture. Decorate the top bar with seashells and a tiki idol. Decorate the rest of the basement to match the bar. Wear bright, island-inspired colors that you could see on flower lei. Prop up the boards and show souvenirs of the island as sea shells and sand boats. Keep the room well lit with electric tiki torches when you are inside. Use natural wood furniture-look for seats and burn candles with tropical scents.

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