Benefits Of Basement Egress Window

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Basement Egress Window – An egress window is a window designed to serve as an exit in case of fire or other emergency. Building codes often require adding them to a finished basement as space typically only has an output that can be blocked in a home emergency. But there are further benefits by adding an egress window to your basement, so it may be a good investment for your home. Emergency exit. The main advantage of adding an egress window to your basement is that it provides an escape to space. In case of fire, you may be able to escape through your basement stairs because it is blocked by fire or smoke. During an egress window provides another means of exit, so you are not trapped in the cellar. However, be sure your window meets the building codes of appropriate size for use as an egress window, or you might not be able to fit through it.

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Basements often get a bad rap for being dark, drab room. Adding basement egress window immediately transforms the space by allowing for natural light. When the window must be large enough to serve as an emergency exit, it can give a great light to the room. It also allows you to dress up your basement by adding attractive curtains for the windows, so it loses its dingy, sterile feel and take a warm, comfortable vibe instead.

Have an egress window in your basement also helps improve the ventilation. A traditional, windows basement can get stuffy when space does not receive fresh air. If your basement has a moisture problem, an egress window help combat the excess moisture by providing a route for it to escape and introducing drier air from outside. If your basement has a musty or rancid odor, a basement egress window help alleviate odor as well.

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