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Basement Ceiling Ideas Diy

Cheap basement ceiling ideas – Finishing a basement is the easiest, cheapest way to increase the usable square footage of your home. However, not one of the cheapest solutions not means it’s cheap. The ceiling alone can cost thousands of dollars to finish. Left unfinished, however it may be the biggest eyesore, with plumbing, air ducts and the like running every which-way. But there are other cheaper alternatives to the traditional drywall and drop ceiling options most people choose. You’ve seen it in many department stores and restaurants. It has become very stylish to have your mechanicals visible for the world to see. If you are not too particular, you can save even more money by looking for oops paint, which was mixed and subsequently not bought and are available at a reduced price. Multicoloring adds a bit of fun to the room and lets you really take advantage of the power of oops paint.

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Tacking up drug can be very effective to save money, especially if you can find closeout patterns you like. An idea for a child’s playroom would be to have a circus theme: run 4-foot coils of fabric next to each other across the entire cheap basement ceiling ideas (hanging loose), and then run wires or cord angles every few feet to create a draping scallops. Use your imagination and have fun. The best part is you can set it up and take it down until it works for you

Blinds can act as cheap basement ceiling ideas panels. Just hanging, adjust the length and then tack up on the bottom. They can be pulled tight or allowed to hang. You can also play patterns, such as installing them in a checkerboard (leaving open spaces instead of a different color). Again, closeouts are a good way to go if it is possible. Look for season-specific styles for end-of-season closeouts, such as bamboo blinds (which are popular spring and summer styles).

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