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Basement Door Ideas – Adding an entry makes it easier to move items in a basement or carry them inside the car. If the entrance comes close to the new basement access, it may be practical to take your food in through this entrance. Keeping garden tools or children’s play equipment is easier through a basement access door. There are many options for types of doors, but take into consideration the need for security features. A basement door is often the most vulnerable spot in the house of robberies.

How to make basement door ideas. Examine your home the best place to create access. Look at meeting points, pipes and basement wall ducts to find the most appropriate place to cut an opening from the outside access. Take into account how you will see the design of the access door from the yard, too. Obtain a construction permit before beginning construction. Select the design of the home-based door. Refer to local building codes for door size, especially if basement space is added. Choose a 36-inch steel door with a small window at the top, for example. Other possibilities are double steel doors, double doors or a sliding door. Take into consideration the ages of your children before opting for glass doors, for reasons of practical security.

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Then to make basement door ideas. Hire an expert to provide advice on cutting and framing the door opening to ensure the structural integrity of the house. Do not rely solely on your own carpentry and construction skills, because the basement wall is a carrier. Measure the opening of the door inside the basement and outside. Mark a line of chalk and cut concrete blocks with a rented concrete saw. Make cuts on each side, because it will be impossible for the blade to cut completely through one side. Hire a professional to cut a solid concrete wall, which is probably at least 10 inches thick and filled with reinforcing bars.

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