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Basement Lighting Ideas – Most basements have very few or no windows, but they have a lot of space. In order to thoroughly ignite a basement, you need a lot of lights. Adding an overhead light and some floor lamps usually will not be enough. You must add general lighting and also add extra light to some key areas to make the basement feel more livable. Then Decorative lighting creates a more finished look. To cut down on the cost of lighting, add wall sensors to ensure that the light turns off when you leave the room. When you light a basement, make it as if you paint the room with light. The general lighting of the room can be considered a sort of primer lighting. It is the first step. The lighting does not have to be hard or light, just light up the whole area, including the corners. It is better to use many smaller bulbs than a few large lights. Consider using recessed lighting for the job. Recessed lighting requires very little ceiling rooms and tends to not make the ceiling look lower. Track lighting, although it does not hang down from the ceiling, is another good option for the cellar, as it gives a finished look to the basement while a bright white light.

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Lights to make the space seem taller. If your basement ceiling is low, or if you want the space to seem less cavernous, add basement lighting ideas in the ceiling. Light cast on the ceiling makes it seem longer. Do not use a focused, concentrated light, but touching soft, diffused light in the ceiling, either from lamps mounted on the walls or floor lamps. Lights mounted farther from the roof provide softer light.

Table lamps. To complete the design, add decorative lighting elements such as strung garden lights if you go for a more casual look or dramatic spotlighting works of art or decorative pieces. Chandeliers and pendant lamps usually have no place in a basement that they can interfere with sight lines. Use basement lighting ideas that are flush with the wall, such as bracket lamps, which can provide a cellar a finished look suitable for entertaining.

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