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Basement paint ideas – If you have a dull gray basement, you will not spend a lot of money to give it new life. With creativity, a can of paint and some faux painting techniques, you can create amazing results. Have fun turning your basement into a space you love. Bright colored tiles look fresh and welcoming. If you like the look, try a faux tile for your basement. Apply a concrete primer and let it dry. Select a light base coat, and paint it on with a roller, which covers the entire floor. Decide on the size and shape you want your trays to be. Measure the spaces on the floor where the faux plates will be painted, marking with a pencil. Put masking tape over the pencil marks and use a roller to apply your faux tile color. Remove the tape to reveal your faux grout and tile.

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Basement paint ideas real granite is mottled and speckled with different earth tone and color. Take a look at the different types of granite and buy paint colors to create a realistic granite surface in the cellar. Apply a concrete primer and let it dry. Follow with a primer. Let this dry and pour a granite colors in a paint tray. Dip a sea sponge into the paint and blot it on a paper towel. Use it to your base color, leaving behind a mottled appearance. Cover your floor in this color, and let it dry. Repeat this with each additional color. If you want to add natural looking granite veins, dip a feather color and randomly connect stains.

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The separation on texture good basement paint ideas. Basement walls are either poured concrete or concrete block. Because of their built-in patterns, it is best to paint the concrete blocks in a solid color, to create a simple, yet neat finished appearance. If your basement walls are poured concrete, you can apply faux texture with ragging on. Paint the walls with a concrete primer, let dry and apply a base coat color.

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