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Basement light covers – As with most cellars tend to give a dark and gloomy feeling makes the greatest available light. Install larger windows that can increase your house, and mirror hanging light possible. Many cellar blankets have many sins, including the naked light bulb. If your ceiling cellar has many wooden beams or pipes and bare light bulbs, should be added to the ceiling addition of fabric. One of the simplest ways to incorporate this look is long fabric collection, which always have some opacity, but are not quite clean.

Measure it so that you are a little more than two meters long and two meters wide. Collect the ends. Tie them with a nice cord rope, tie the ends and leave about 8 to 10 inches of fabric hanging head over the cable. Place two roof hooks on opposite sides of the piston, each about 4 inches from the light base. Hanging the fabric on the consoles with a decorative bead. Make sure that the fabric does not touch the lamp. If your house adjoins to a shabby chic, naked light bulbs in the basement can be just a place to test the lighting. In this case, use a small wire heavy duty and a crown to create basement light covers. Roll craft wire, making it shaped like a giant pen.

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They do not want this to be severely hurt. Make sure its diameter is about 10 inches above and the coil length is 8 to 10 inches. Choose the type of ring you want to use. Some great options include side grapes or crowns of maple leaves that you can find in your local craft shop. Start a ribbon ring for the yarn used a green flower ribbon. Insert the ring on the thread of the wound and cover the wire. Screw two roof hooks in the ceiling near the lamp. They should be parallel to each other and about 5 inches from the base of the basement light covers.

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