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Basement stair kits – If your basement serves as a press room, use the ladder to set the mood to enjoy entertainment. Decorate the walls of the staircase area with movie posters. Get large posters so the artwork stands out prominently, or create a grouping of all the posters framed in a similar size, such as 14 inches by 17 inches, with white mats to give the grouping the look of a collection. Painting the walls of black for the staircase creates a dark, film-like entrance. Poster frame with basic silver metal frame so the artwork shines. Install track lights to highlight the movie posters and provide lighting for the ladder. Use silver metal rails to coordinate with frames.

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Basement stair kits, use the wall space to create your own hold. Cut miter and wood to create frames to hold wine bottles. Paint or dye the wood depending on your preference for decoration considers painting the walls of the dark red, grape or burgundy staircase to complement your staircase wine cellar design. Use the same type of color scheme to select the stair carpet. Save the corks from the bottles and stick them on a piece of wood to create works of art.

If the style of the house is contemporary, do not overlook how to decorate the basement staircase. Maintain continuity with a staircase that is as tasteful and contemporary as the rest of your home. Design the basement stair kits as if it were a work of art. For example, instead of having a solid ladder unit let the steps “float” by eliminating the vertical pipes between each step. Use heavy industrial cables and create horizontal bars instead of traditional vertical bars. Use modern recessed lighting to enhance the contemporary style, and decorate the walls with modern artwork.

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