Best Ideas To Cover Basement Ceiling

Ideas For Covering Basement Ceiling

Ideas to cover basement ceiling – Mice often like to nest in warm, soft insulation, mostly of the type that was launched and used in attics or basements. If you do not want to remove the insulation, but you want to keep the mice from getting into your basement beams, there are a couple of things you can do, with siding and insulation. Firstly you will want to get rid of the mice that currently live in isolation. You can call an exterminator or use traps to catch mice that already nest there. If the basement is not frequented by family pets or children, poison can also be used. Remove any source of food and water for the mice by thoroughly cleaning the basement and sealing the food stored there. One of the options to ideas to cover basement ceiling beams is sheet metal with tight. Make sure that the corners and edges overlap the beams – mice can pass through an opening as small as 1/4 inch. Check the edges and corners frequently to make sure they are tight. If there are small openings, fill them temporarily with steel wool and tighten them as soon as possible because the steel wool will leave rust stains if it gets wet.

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Another coating material can be used in the gypsum beams. Fill the spaces between the ceiling beams with copper cloth then ideas to cover basement ceiling the entire area with plaster. Check the cast frequently for new holes or damages and refill and cover immediately. Concrete, mortar and concrete patching mixes are also suitable for covering the beams.

You can also use rubber sheets to ideas to cover basement ceiling space. As with plaster, fill in the gaps between the existing insulation and the copper sheets with gauze and then attach the rubber sheets to the ceiling beams, making an airtight seal against the edges and corners. As with other decks, check the rubber liner on a regular basis for wear and tear.

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