Best Low Profile Lighting For Basement

Basement Lighting For Unfinished Ceiling

Low profile lighting for basement – basement with short ceilings often have low profile lighting; however, such lamps may be welcome additions in spaces with even the most beautiful ceilings, whether standing alone or in combination with taller fixtures. Ideally keep at least 7 meters clear between the bottom of the fixture and the floor below it, and always use a mix of different lighting types in a room, especially when it comes to low profile fixtures. For example, a single recessed dome lamp in the middle of the room, without additional flooring or table lamps, recessed lighting or other fixtures, looks dated and creates a dark, uninteresting lighting system. Perfect for creating rooms that include large-scale projectors or mark specific areas in space, recessed lighting is as low profile as it gets.

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And then cove and rope lighting. Nestle bay lighting behind the roof trim or around a tray thanks to highlight the architectural features of the room and to increase the amount of light in the space, all without installing any obvious fixtures that hang down and break up the ceiling. Install rope lighting around artwork or along the bottom of shelves to add decorative lighting without taking any place or deter what you’re trying to illuminate. These types of low profile lighting for basement also make excellent under counter lighting.

Best low profile lighting for basement. Many traditional style fixtures that usually hang lower can be recessed, decreases the profile of the device at the same time as the classic look. For example, a low profile ceiling fan about 12 inches high, from ceiling to bottom of fan, while several dealers also offer classic chandelier pieces spread over the ceiling, rather than hanging down. These options provide a dramatic effect without losing any space below.

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