Best Small Basement Home Theater Ideas

Basement Home Theatre Ideas

Small basement home theater ideas – Whether you use multiple television screens, projector or an oversized screen, your basement home theater can be arranged to enhance your leisure experience by maximizing your space, provide space for important facilities. Select a layout and style / theme of theater that allows you to experience an atmosphere different from other rooms in your home while maintaining an enjoyable comfortable environment. Under the night sky. If the exclusive use of your basement will be for your home theater, transforming the entire space to resemble a night sky with black or navy walls, doors and ceiling with small glowing light. The lights may be small glow-in-the-dark stars or professionally installed LED lighting that gives the impression that you are watching a movie outside under the stars. Add dark-colored velvet chairs as seating and install a concession stand at the back of the room, covered in small shining stars.

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Small basement home theater ideas. Hire a professional home designer to install a Radiant Light system which ensures that the room never gets completely dark. Brilliant Light is a form of LED track lighting to illuminate the stairwell and walls in cinemas while the movie plays. But instead of turning on walkways, room light in the horizontal rings along three separate neon-colored room segments listed by telescoping angles. By using this interior style, when you look from the back of the theater, the space opens up to a series of segments that resemble the interior of a telescope with the screen at the far end of the room. Add multicolored beanbags to complete this look.

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Small basement home theater ideas with vintage moviegoer. Create the interior look of a vintage movie theater. Install a full concession stand with popcorn and a soda fountain next to the entrance to the cellar. Add another floors throughout the theater is covered by a dark-colored Persian carpet or dark-colored marble.

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