Build A Basement Access Door Of An Attached Garage

Basement Access Door Floor

Basement access door – Finishing the roof panel and access to the attic in an attached garage is one of those projects that seem more complicated than it actually is. With a few simple hand tools and less than an hour of workmanship, that ugly access hole can become an attractive accent to the overall design of the house. Determine the best location for the access panel. Take the proximity to stairs and shelves into account when determining the location. Locate the upright or beam infrastructure. Two 32-inch cutting lines along the center of the two parallel beams; these cutouts constitute the sides of the length of the access panel and must be 18 inches apart. Cut the sides of the width of the access panel by connecting the 32-inch cuts. Remove the roof panel carefully and set it aside in a safe place. This panel will become the gateway.

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Then to build a basement access door of an attached garage. Frame the perimeter of the access hole with the door or window liner. The perimeter frame should be cut smaller than the access hole to provide a 3/4-inch molding ledge to rest on the access panel. Cut the door or window frame with a saw or saw with exact 45 degree angles. With finishing nails, attach the frame to the ceiling beams around the access hole. Replacing the access panel rests on the 3/4 inch lip created by the overlay of the access structure.

Painting the basement access door before installation may be easier than painting after installation. Be careful not to over tighten the hinge screws as this could compromise their strength. Apply paint putty around the housing where it meets the wall ensures a smooth transition from the wall to the access door and back again. Do not leave power tools in the presence of children. Paint without adequate ventilation.

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