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Basement Doors – Having the door of an open basement in a living room of a house is a great comfort. It is easier to take storage items in a basement area or bring in stored food or need tools in the upstairs area. Going around the house to a basement door is stressful in inclement weather. If your home is on a dark street or wooded area, there are security issues in walking around the house to the basement door at certain times. Building an area without a lift basically consists of building a set of stairs and installing an interior door. This access should add value in the market to your home.

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Build a walk to a basement doors. Measure the basement to see where to place the stairs leading to a door without a lift. You will probably have the door open in a kitchen or hallway near the kitchen. Inspect surface to ensure concrete is sound and will support the weight of a ladder. Make necessary repairs to the walls of the basement or floor in that area. Ask a carpenter to help you decide where to place the front door on the top floor. They consider that their house has some load walls that support the weight of the house. It may be easier to avoid cutting into that wall, as you may have to rebuild the structure. They strive to put a door up from the basement where it is logical most, however, even if you have walls retrace or take down a closet in the kitchen to make space.

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Then to build a walk to a basement doors. Create the entrance door to the house first. Use a screwdriver or hammer to remove the plaster in the area will be the frame for the door. Install a kit door jamb and hang the door. Cut and install the threshold material. Door frame with prefabricated wooden molding and install deadbolt lock system. Cut a set of vertical tubes to build the 2 x 12 wooden stairs together. Get the help of a skilled carpenter to help you build and install the steps.

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