Build Your Own Basement Bar Design Ideas

Bar Design Ideas For Basement

Basement Bar Design Ideas – The basement in your home is often a place to hang out, play ping pong or build a bar. Home bars make entertaining fun and if your basement already has a television or entertainment center, the bar will add a place to serve drinks and relax. Home bars do challenging do-it-yourself projects, but to simplify the process will increase your chance of success. The bar is nothing more than a frame and a top. It requires basic woodworking knowledge and some power tools

Measure and cut the design boards for your basement bar design ideas. A simple size to build is 6 feet long and 2 meters wide. Cut four 6-foot-long framing sections and four 2-foot long sections. Measure and cut the stiles. Bars are generally 42 inches high, so cut your frame pieces to 37 inches to allow room for the design boards and bar top. For every vertical framing pieces and horizontal frame boards in a framed box, which is 2 meters wide, 6 meters wide and 40 inches high the horizontal configuration boards are laid under and on top of the vertical boards add three inches to the overall height.

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Install the basement bar design ideas. If mounting on a concrete floor, bar anchor to the concrete using anchors screws or masonry screws and a drill. End bar with wood paneling from your lumber store. Cut wood paneling pieces to 6 meters in length for the front and the 2-meter long to the sides. Using a table saw for cutting the panels. Install it with finishing nail and a hammer directly on the sides of the bar. Cut a bar top by plywood sheets. Cut two sections that is 76 inches by 30 inches on a table saw. Apply the laminate adhesive on the surface of the plywood, and then install a laminate plate to the plywood. Trim the excess laminate with a rotating tool to complete your bar top.

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