Cover Exposed Basement Ceiling Ideas

Painted Exposed Basement Ceiling Ideas

Exposed basement ceiling ideas – Exposed beams in a cellar has an unfinished look. There are two main options to cover an exposed basement ceiling plaster or a dropped ceiling. A dropped ceiling to make the space feel shorter than it is, so Drywall is usually the best option. You will need a friend to help with this project, drywall is heavy and it is almost impossible to do this job alone.

How to cover Exposed basement ceiling ideas. Cut a length of 2-by-4 wood that is only 3/4 of an inch shorter than your exposed basement ceiling ideas. Attach a smaller 2-of-4 to the end of the board, horizontally, to create a T shape. Attach the drywall, which have a friend help lift each panel. Slide Deadman brace at the end of each section to hold it in place while you attach it to the ceiling. Use a screwdriver and drive the drywall screws through the panel and the ceiling joists at a rate of one screw every 12 inches. Secure each panel in this way. Cut the panels as needed using a utility knife. Tape your seams. Cover each seam with plaster tape. If using adhesive tape, you do not put mud over the tape. Press the tape firmly.

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Insert sealant over the tape. Use a putty knife and spread a thin layer of joint compound over the tape and the pits where you put your screws. Extend compound selected from the belt by a 1/2 inch on each side. Scrape off excess when working. Let this set until dry. Sand down the association. Use fine-grit sandpaper. Smooth the compound until it is flush with the rest of the panel. Prime and paint the exposed basement ceiling ideas. Edge with a brush and use a roller for the rest of the roof. Let the primer dry for 4-6 hours. Roll on at least one layer roof color and let it dry.

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