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Basement Bar Building Plans

Basement Bar Plans – Bars became a staple in the basement recreation room after the Second World War. Wet bar with sink and taps, soon followed. The bar can be as simple as a box in the basement with a kitchen sink, or it could be a totally entertaining area. Themes such as sports or the appearance of a wine cellar to enter a note. Measure the area where you are going to build the bar before you decide what extras to include in your design.

How to design a basement bar plans counter. Develop an L-shaped bar with room for a sink in the shorter end of the L. installing a drawer dishwasher under the sink so you do not have to carry the dirty glass on the floor. Install a keg shelf and a tap system for beer in the longer part of L. adds a small refrigerator on a shelf next to the platter shelf so that the hosts do not have to bend to the floor level. Installing an ice machine or building an ice chest in the area next to the fridge. Hanging lighting over the bar, you can control with a dimmer. Install lighting in the bar, so that the items stored there is visible. Consider using rope lighting around the base of the bar.

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Build shelves of varying heights glasses, napkins, bar rags and spices. Place a rack at one end of the bar, or buy wine refrigerator. Using space on the wall behind the bar for storage, bar, art or an aquarium. Top bar with colorful ceramic tiles that are easy to clean and difficult to damage. Building an overhang on the side of the bar from the wall for the pallets to be inserted when not in use. Basement bar plans with installing a bar rail or a low step on the side of the stool. Hang a flat-screen TV behind the bar and install a sound system that includes speakers surround sound, a stereo system and CD changer.

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