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Ceramic Tile Basement Floor With Regard To Basement Floor Tiles Design Of Basement Floor Tiles

Basement Floor Tiles – Basements can often be cold, desolate places that are only used for storage. If you are lucky enough to have a heated basement, this opens up a world of possibilities. To transform it into usable living space, installing flooring is an important step. Tile is an ideal material type for basement floors, because it is moisture-resistant. When it comes to tile design options for your heated basement floor, ideas are almost endless. Classic basement floor tiles design. If you plan to use your heated basement to a bar or wine cellar, you may prefer a classic tile floor design. Choose something neutral that evokes an old world feel, such as large ceramic tiles in earthy colors like beige or slate. For continuity, stick to the same type of tile throughout the basement space, even if it is divided into separate rooms. To stick with the classic look, paint your basement walls a few shades lighter than the tile floors.

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Making a mosaic on your basement floor tiles transforms the space into a work of art. If you are an ambitious artist, using the floor as a canvas to create intricate images with different shapes, sizes and colors of the tiles. If you prefer a discreet look, tile most of the basement with traditional tiles but aside an area in the middle of the floor in a mosaic design.

Modern basement floor tiles design. Add a contemporary flair to your heated basement using tiles that are not common. Leather tile creates a lounge vibe in the room is an option if the room lacks serious moisture problems. Small glass tiles reflect light, making the room appear brighter than it is. These glass tiles come in a variety of colors, so choose one that fits with your specific tastes. You can even mix and match tiles colors to create bold patterns.

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