Design Small Basement Room Ideas

Small Basement Family Room Ideas

Small basement room ideas – A basement is a room that is completely or partially underground. Most basements are designed with the home and exterior walls are used as a basis for supporting the upper or main floor living space. Often the tools placed in the basement space that may not initially designed as a living space. Traditional problems with basement include limited or no light, moisture comes through the external walls, cracked foundation walls, a low ceiling, visibility tools and a lack of egress. The great advantage of a good cellar, the extra square meters as a basement can provide, when finished, to the living space.

Designing small basement room ideas. Measure basement. Start at the outer walls and measure and mark all the walls on the graph using a scale of one-quarter inch is equivalent to a foot. Measure and mark the inside of the basement noting the position of all because bridges, poles, walls, doors or other obstacles. Measure the ceiling height in the basement from the highest point on the floor to the lowest point of a pipe, duct or vent. Write down the average height from the basement to the bottom of the floor joist above. The note on the side of the graph on the floor joists is isolated.

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Locate and mark all the wiring, plumbing, heating and air conditioning ducts. As you move about the basement make notes on the graph of any problems with the basement exterior wall cracks, moisture, mold, and mildew, standing water or other similar problems. Read through the building codes that apply to your home, neighborhood, city or county as they relate to design and build rooms in the basement of the home. General cellar design looks at ceiling height minimum, escape access through the windows and the use of the room. Lay tracing paper over the footprint of the existing small basement room ideas.

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