Design Your Basement Style

Design Your Basement

Design your basement – People have use root holds to keep food from being spoiled for centuries. In the days leading up to electricity, people were innovative by necessity, and learned to create optimal conditions for food conservation by creating storage spaces on hillsides and holes excavated in the ground. Root holds work just as well today as they did. You can build a traditional basement outdoors, or re-create the optimal conditions by walling a part of your basement.

Design your basement style. Designing an outdoor root bodega. Survey your property to determine the location that is best suited for an outdoor design your basement. A north-facing slope with sandy soil is ideal. Any place that has adequate drainage and the soil deep enough to create a considerable storage space will work. Design the size of your basement to suit the amount of food you need to store. A basement for a couple does not have to be as big as a best basement for a family of eight. A space that is 4 feet wide by 6 feet long by 6 feet high can easily store enough products to get three or four people through a winter.

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Provide conditions that will allow foods to be maintained during the winter. These include a dirt floor to keep moisture high, walls that are almost completely underground to keep the temperature low during hot weather. Then but above zero during cold weather and ideally a roof insulation to separate the Interior climate basement from the outside. Design spaces for shelves along all walls and a door on entering and leaving the basement. On a steep enough slope, this can be a conventional upright door. For a design your basement that is built on a level ground. And you will need to design a trapdoor.

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