DIY Basement Remodel Ideas

Do It Yourself Basement Remodeling Ideas

DIY basement remodel – No matter what type of room you plan to build in your basement, following a few simple steps will ensure that your basement remodeling goes according to your plans. If you are designing a home office, bedroom or playroom for kids, there are some remodeling steps that are common to any site you are going to create. Planning for DIY basement remodel. Planning the first phase of your basement remodeling. During this phase you will determine what the room will be used for and the items you want to include in the room. The type of room you are creating will have a significant impact on your design options. For example, if you are going to create a home office, the lighting options will be very different from a family room that requires a more welcoming atmosphere.

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The planning phase will also include accommodating any obstacles that may impede your progress. In a home office or home theater you may need more electrical plugs and wiring that are currently available in your basement. Telephone lines may be required. Plan to hire the right professionals to add telephone lines and additional wiring if needed. Look for basement areas that need attention before beginning DIY basement remodel. These may include areas that frequently get wet during storms or mold issues that may be present in a wet basement.

Many homeowners simply put carpet on the existing concrete in the basement, and this is perfectly acceptable. If the floor is very cold during the winter months. And for DIY basement remodel with consider adding a subfloor over the concrete before adding rugs. The typical base is made up of half-inch polystyrene sheets which are then covered with half-inch plywood. These materials can be found at your local home improvement store. The result will be a much warmer floor in your basement no matter what type of floor you decide to put on top of the base. You may choose to use existing cement walls in your basement, but if new electrical work is needed, you may need to Construction of new concrete walls.

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