DIY Basement Wall Panels Design Ideas

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DIY basement wall panels – Installing basement wall panels can make the concrete walls of the basement looks like a finished room and provide extra insulation. Wall panels are easier to install than plaster because no framing needed. Wall panels are nailed directly into the concrete wall. Install wall panel in the basement itself can be completed within a few days and only requires basic saw and nail skills.

DIY basement wall panels design ideas. Prepare walls. Sweep the walls to remove all dust and dirt. Clean the concrete walls with warm soapy water and dry the walls completely with a towel. Remove any nails or screws in the walls that will not allow the wall panels to rest against the concrete. Measure basement walls from floor to ceiling and measure the windows, electrical outlets and doors. Measure the distance of each window at the corner of everything. Measure the width of the wall paneling you purchased. Most wall panels are three to four feet wide. The measurement from the corner and the width of each panel will tell you where to place the window cutouts in the panels. Measure and mark the wall panels where they will cut.

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DIY basement wall panels design ideas. Cut the panels on all marked places with a jigsaw. Do not cut electrical outlets, the size of the outlet side cut outlet smaller so that the face will cover the hole. Start the first panel in place. Start in a corner and have a friend help you hold the panel against the wall. Drill two holes on each side of the panel. Place the next panel u against the last and repeat Step 6. Continue until the walls are covered. Cut the molding and baseboards to walk around the walls and screw them in place with self-taping concrete screws. Place a screw was six inches.

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