Easy Basement Ceiling Ideas For Treatments

Easy Ceiling Ideas For Basements

Easy basement ceiling ideas – Ceiling treatments can make or break a basement renovation. There are a lot of opportunities, but to get a good result, the architecture and style of the house carefully considered. The interior style home should be compatible with the exterior architecture. How basement will be used is another prime consideration. A laundry room or a playroom will have different design options than a wine cellar or a home theater. This method involves some carpentry skills to install the necessary supports. A wood or metal grid is installed, and ceiling panels are attached to them. Drop ceiling tiles have come a long way since the 70s, and there are many varieties of patterns and styles to choose from. This option may be convenient for the ceilings, which covers a lot of electricity, plumbing or heating ducts, which panels can be easily removed for access.

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This method also requires some carpentry skills for installation. It also makes any future access to the plumbing or heating ducts difficult and expensive. But drywall panels are very versatile, as they can be painted or papered. Painted murals of sheetrock is a dramatic way to decorate an easy basement ceiling ideas. It is especially effective for low ceiling that depth perspective can be incorporated into the design. A creative solution is a three dimensional fabric treatment to give an elegant, padded look or create a relaxed, soft, billowing cloud effect. An advantage of this type of treatment is that it is an easy way to hide the wire and tube.

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Another effective way to give a spacious feel to the basement is to paint all the exposed elements of black, equal to the ceilings backstage at a theater that gives the feeling that the ceiling has almost disappeared. This is especially suitable for a basement that will be used as a media room or home theater. Track lighting or spotlights recessed into the easy basement ceiling ideas add a note of drama.

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