Elegant Small Basement Office Ideas

Basement Office Design Ideas

Small basement office ideas – The basement can be the perfect place for a home office. Many basements are spacious, secluded and quiet. And even basements that do not have all these qualities could still be ideal as basements-in contrast to other rooms in the house-don’t have a specific purpose. Most basements, however, pose a design challenge and require some work before becoming suitable work spaces. With a few strategic moves, your basement seem like it was made to be office space. The first challenge you will have to tackle is how to make your basement look like a small dark dungeon and more of a light, airy, productive place. Start by painting the walls a bright, cheerful colors like yellow, robin’s egg blue, mint green, peach or light pink. Drape a glowing piece of diaphanous fabrics such as white linen around windows to add decoration without filtering any precious light. Commit to a lighting scheme you like by selecting out decorative lighting that gives light to the ceiling corners and the area of ​​your desktop, so the whole room is illuminated.

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Realistically, your basement is filled with boxes and old furniture, which you have to move or throw out. You do not have to live with that thing in your small basement office ideas, instead buying folding screens with three panels made of chalkboard or dry erase board. The screens can hide basement is cluttered, then your place really looks and feels like a home office. Write notes or reminders to yourself on the screens.

Every office needs a break room. Create a relaxing area in the basement, so you can take a break from your computer or desk. This allows you to take five without new into the rest of the house where you can be easily distracted. Choose a light, modern sofa, a sleek coffee table display light reading and a mini fridge filled with drinks. A fridge filled with drinks makes your small basement office ideas more equipped for business meetings or customer visits.

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