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Basement Stair Ideas – Many basement stairs are enclosed by a wall on each side. Removal of these walls and put a handrail or banister in place opens up the stairs and gives your basement an airy feel. Before removing the wall, check if there are structural. Structural walls must be replaced by a supporting column that carries the necessary amount of weight. Another option to give your basement stairs a more open feeling is to remove the cover on top of the basement stairs. Without the door, receives natural light from the upper floor reaches the basement and give it a brighter look. Many homeowners use at least a portion of their basement for storage. Consider using your staircase to maximize the amount of storage space in the cellar. A U-shaped staircase is ideal for this purpose since the lower part can be used to house built cabinets that can include both storage and display space. Adding a cabinet with glass doors box is an attractive and effective way to store items in the basement that you want to show off. Keep the baskets on the shelves of the cupboard and you can organize all the little things that wind up in the basement, too.

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A circular staircase can be a perfect option if you want a basement with a modern feel. Most circular stairs has a circular shape that spirals around a central rod attached basement floor. Circular basement stair ideas work well when little space is available, and may be made with a variety of materials, including wood, metal or a combination of both.

For an existing wooden staircase, consider adding a new look with stencils. Standardized your basement stair ideas are an inexpensive way to add color and visual interest to an otherwise plain staircase. You can create designs with finished stencils or design your own, so steps have the look of a carpet runner.

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