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Finished basement lighting – Great basement bar can be a place for you and your friends to gather to the parties, to watch sports events or just a place to relax at the end of the day. One of the things that helps to add atmosphere to your basement bar is the right lighting. Take time to explore different ideas for the basement bar lighting and make your bar a unique looking place.

Pendant finished basement lighting is decorative lighting that hangs from the ceiling and helps to light individual parts of the room. This can be helpful when used in a kitchen because it can put light on a certain part of the kitchen work area without lighting up the entire room. In a basement bar, hanging lighting can help create a dimly lit room that feels like a corner bar or a bar you can watch tv. Since hanging lights are made from a thick wire, it may sometimes be the line of sight for people who try to watch TV in the basement bar. Make sure you do not install your pendant lighting in a place where it will obscure the view of television or come in between people of a conversation.

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When you build your basement bar you can find you install drop ceilings or use plasterboards to create a structured ceiling. You can also install recessed lighting in the basement bar roof and add control of a dimmer to help provide recessed lighting extra power. Recessed finished basement lighting tends to be more indirect than the track lighting or fluorescent store, and it can help add an intimate feeling to the basement bar. Neon is not something you want to use to brighten up your entire basement bar, but the use of some neon signs can add a colorful but subtle touch to your basement gathering area. You can get neon signs that do not use strong colors or you can get a colorful neon sign and place it in the game area the basement bar.

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